About Feng Shui Chic

We believe we can make this world a better place by helping everyone with their pursuit of a happier life.

We have been fortunate to see first hand how Feng Shui benefits many aspects of our lives.  We are passionate about making Feng Shui accessible to parts of the world where experienced practitioners well-versed in the understanding of ancient Feng Shui principles are not easily available.

Our mission is to make practicing Feng Shui easy, personal, affordable and fun.


About Grandmaster Yanyi

Grandmaster Yanyi is a professional Feng Shui consultant, author and lecturer, who provides consultation worldwide for residential and commercial properties. She and her work have made numerous appearances on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Grandmaster Yanyi descends from a long line of Chinese scholars and was a college professor teaching ancient Chinese language & philosophies in Taiwan. With insights from her 30 years of in-depth research & consultation, Grand Master Yanyi enjoys sharing with clients the authentic classical principles adapting to today’s modern home and business to achieve happiness, peace and prosperity.

Info about Grandmaster Yanyi in Chinese: http://FengShuiProfessor.com/master.