Our Process


1. Reflection

True happiness comes from accomplishing your life goals. Some individuals find that they've always known their true life purpose, whereas others spend a great deal of time searching for their lot in life. Many solidify their core values through personal reflection. We encourage our clients to reflect upon their goals in life using our guide, which includes questions about yourself, the spaces around you and the relationships in your life.


2. Engagement

Our Feng Shui practitioners will carefully listen to your aspirations. We will study your physical surroundings, your floor plans and the furniture arrangements in your current space. We then apply time-tested Feng Shui principles to your unique, individual situation. Based on your unique condition, we meticulously craft a guide that depicts the best Feng Shui practices for your current circumstances. This will enable you to maintain a good flow of Qi in your life for many years to come.


3. Growth

Your personalized Feng Shui Chic Design Brief™ contains information, including the steps and guidelines that you must follow. Study the Feng Shui tips and remedies carefully, then implement the recommendations immediately. As occurs with many life accomplishments, you will gain a sense of confidence and power when you implement your personalised Feng Shui recommendations. Change your life with the power of Feng Shui!


4. Thrive

Every engagement is an opportunity for our Feng Shui practitioners to forge a meaningful connection with you. With the Feng Shui Chic Design Brief™ in-hand, you now hold the keys to prosperity and happiness. We're always here to help if any questions arise. Let us know when you experience changes in your priorities or living environment. And remember that we are partners in helping you to make your world a happier place. With our Feng Shui recommendations, you will thrive!